pH Meter

Handy PPM and pH meters can be used even by the operators. No more reliance on lab chemists for obtaining data.


HDPE tapes with high adhesive properties for best tackiness in humid environment.

Rust-X Shrink Gun

The basic principle of shrinkwrapping is quite simple. It involves covering the item to be wrapped with low-density polythylene film and then, on application of heat from the rustxgun, the film shrinks and tightens to protect the product read more…

VCI Tablets

1 gm VCI tablets are compressed VCI chemical for protection of parts that require special advanced corrosion inhibition and for hard to reach spots where direct packaging cannot be used.

Fillezy Rapid Machine

Air Pad Machine for extra cusion protection for damage and dent  prevention Read More

Heat Sealer

Seal your bags to inhibit influx of moisture in your packaging and prevent outflux of VCI from the packaging.

Stretch Films

Special hand and machine stretch films available in both pre or post stretch. Available in various sizes & thicknesses Read More

Humidity Meter

Humidity meter is the best equipment of control to check moisture in boxes and wood. Sharp high tensile steel teeth provide longer life read more…

Flange Savex

Rustx VCI Metalbarrier film. Available in various sizes.

About Us

RustX SHRINK Film is the market leader of Corrosion Prevention Solution globally & manufacturing over 150 products in three manufacturing locations. USA, France & India. RustX SHRINK FILM caters to over 10000 customers with presence globally. The group is in existence for more than 30 years. RustX SHRINK FILM is the fastest growing Rust Preventives Manufacturer in the American industry with growth rates of more than 100% year on year for the last 4 years. Our SMP VCI Technology Rust-X USA patented technology of speedy moisture pasivation has helped automotive,aerospace,engineering and heavy metals industry a great deal. SMP VCI acts within seconds and lasts upto 15 years. Previous industry standards of 6-8 hours of VCI action resulted in non de-activation of moisture and acceleration of corrosion when goods are packed.

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